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 March 1st  RECEIVED by date:
 Roth/Brown Scholarship applications
March 1st   Last Day 2017 Sweepstakes reports accepted
March 1st   Content due date: Spring issue Dwarf Digest
April 2nd  Due Date:  ANDRC Royalty Contest applications
 May 1st  RECEIVED by date: ANDRC Hall of Fame nominations
 May 5th  ANDRC National Show @ Reno, Nevada
 May 25th  Postmark cut-off: ANDRC nominating petitions
 June 1st  Content due date: Summer issue Dwarf Digest
 July 1st  RECEIVED by date:
 Bramhall Scholarship applications
August 25th   Postmark cut-off: ANDRC election ballots 
September 1st  Content due date: Autumn issue Dwarf Digest
27th - 31st
 95th ARBA Convention & Show
 @ West Springfield, Massachusetts
 December 1st  Content due date: Winter issue Dwarf Digest
 December 31st  Postmark cut-off: Special Awards Applications
 December 31st  Last show date: 2018 Sweepstakes year

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