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Notes -&- Reminders

May 23, 2015

Please answer the following two questions for the summer issue of the Dwarf Digest:

[1]  What are important goals (up to five) you should set to build a successful Netherland Dwarf breeding program?

[2]  What are some common mistakes breeders make when trying to build a successful Netherland Dwarf herd?

Send your response by May 30th to:

I appreciated all of the responses I got regarding Fred O'Dell's article.  Keep sending me your thoughts!

Gary Smith
ANDRC Education Committee Chairperson


May 19, 2015
President's Message ...

The ANDRC Boards of Directors have voted to put a hold on the "new" logo that has been brought into much discussion.

The Board has agreed to allow any member, open or youth, the opportunity to submit an artist rendering of a Netherland Dwarf to be used for the center of our logo. It must fit onto the diamond within the ANDRC logo. Only the rabbit will be replaced.

All submissions should be sent to ANDRC President Carl Richetelle, PO Box 584, Marion, CT 06444 or to no later than September 1, 2015. Postmarks after 9/1/15 will not be considered.

All submissions will not be returned. All parties participating will be doing so on a volunteer basis. Should your rendering be chosen, no monies will be paid and all rights will be signed over to the ANDRC for their exclusive use.

All submissions will be printed in the autumn edition of the Dwarf Digest. The winner will be chosen by a vote of the membership.


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