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Notes -&- Reminders

February 10, 2017
Show Reports Needed
Our currently displayed 2016 Sweepstakes reports were updated to include all show reports received as of 2.3.17.
The list below of show reports still needed is current as of 2.22.17. Progress is being made -- this list started with 48 unaccounted for show reports and is now down to 20. Keep up the good work everyone!
We believe the show reports for these shows were sent to our Sweepstakes Chair, but simply not received. 
If you exhibited at one of these shows, please contact the show secretary asking to have the show report re-sent. We love our show secretaries; they make our shows possible. Please be kind when asking them to re-send reports.
PLEASE NOTE:  Our Sweepstakes Chairperson has a new e-mail address. E-mails sent to any other address would not have arrived.
Contact information for these show secretaries is in the *Shows NOT Included* report on this page:    Red_Click.gif

January 2, 2017
Award Sponsorships Available
The New England Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club
is seeking assistance with funding the awards
for our 2017 ANDRC National Show.
If you can help, please find the details:     Here.gif 


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