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Bids prepared and presented by prospective Host Clubs shall contain:

A. Show dates and tentative schedule.
B. Show location (size of building).
C. Lodging information (estimated rates).
D. Accessibility of show location (car, airlines).
E. Show Committee: Chairman, Superintendent, Show Secretaries, etc.
F. Show facilities (approved cooping, feed & water cups, feed & shavings).
G. Photocopy of Host Club's current ARBA Charter.
H. Projected budget for show (catalog, entry fee, Saturday evening award banquet fee, specials, etc.).
I. Summary of tourist attractions available in the show area.
J. List of judges to be used for the show.
K. Any other facts felt necessary to present a complete overview of the show.

Proposals to be submitted by November 30th to
ANDRC Secretary/Treasurer Cindy Stelloh
Mail to:  P.O. Box 573, Mukwanago, WI  53149

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